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Improve patient arrival experience by minimising reception queues through the implementation of Engage Arrive.

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Engage Arrive on Mobile

Allow us to introduce Engage Arrive on Mobile which has been developed to provide you with essential features completely free of charge. This offering is crafted to streamline your experience and provide a seamless introduction to our product suite. It’s not just about being free, it’s about empowering you with essential tools to kickstart your journey towards the NHS’s ambition of Mobile First. Plus, should you find the need for additional features down the road, our premium options are available to further enhance your experience.
Engage Arrive on Mobile allows patients to check-in from their mobile devices with just a few simple steps. Practices can set the maximum distance the patient needs to be to the building to use Engage Arrive on Mobile allowing patients to wait anywhere close to the service, for example, waiting in the car park, outside of the building, or the main health centre lobby. This prevents bottlenecks in often cramped waiting rooms and improves patient flow through the building making adherence to Covid social distancing requirements easier to manage.
Practices can share their unique appointment arrival URL with patients via their appointment reminders, via their website, or they can display a QR code in reception that patients can scan. We also offer a free app that patients can download to make this process even simpler.
Engage Arrive on Mobile helps to minimise missed appointments and late arrivals, improving patient satisfaction and giving patients greater control over their experience of your service. Arriving for appointments via mobile enables patients to uphold their privacy while avoiding the risk of cross-contamination often associated with using a touchscreen. Plus, utilising Engage Arrive on Mobile will enable staff previously handling patient arrivals and meet and greet functions to undertake other duties supporting more complex or vulnerable patients attending the service.
Engage Arrive on Mobile is a *FREE service to all users, existing and new. To find out more about our patient arrival check-in screens and mobile functionality, chat to our friendly team today.
*for Scottish and Welsh users a Partner license fee will apply, costs differ between clinical system providers
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