Each week we like to celebrate and shout about amazing our team. This week is all about Jane Watson.

Hi. I’ve been working as the Engagement Manager since November 2019. I live in London, not far from Wembley Stadium, work from home and travel to different parts of the country to meet with Practices using Engage Consult. My role is to support Practices, patients and the services that support them to help ensure they get optimum benefit from the Engage Consult system.

I started work as a community dietitian in the Kings Cross area of London, and over the years developed my training and management skills through a variety of roles in the NHS. I’ve always been interested in patient experience. In 2017 I had the opportunity to work on a survey looking at people’s experiences of using NHS services in London. It was shocking, fascinating and a real eye opener. I had no idea of the difficulties some people have in navigating NHS services. I’m passionate about improving access to health care and still think about some of the people I met and the problems they encountered. I feel very privileged to be working with Engage Consult and believe it can be of huge benefit to patients.

Living in London is great but I do love to escape to big skies, open countryside and a mountain or two. I have regular trips to Scotland, the Lake District and am just back from a winter trip to Finland. I learnt to snowshoe, drive a team of huskies and build a quinzee (similar to an igloo but with loose snow which then freezes). All important life skills! Where next? Definitely not a beach holiday!

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