Today we had our very first team yoga class via Zoom. Words I never expected to say in the same sentence, or in a work capacity at all. But these are strange times, and staying happy and healthy with a positive mindset is important but can also be a challenge. I know I’ve had my share of good and bad days over the past few months, but I am incredibly grateful to be part of, not just a phenomenally talented bunch of guys and girls, but also a team who are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about each other and their wellbeing.

Since lockdown started, which seems like forever ago now, there are daily huddles and conversations around supporting colleagues and their families. Geographically we are spread across the UK, so keeping communication channels open and supporting each other is key to having an engaged and happpy workforce. I joined the Engage Health Systems team on the 2nd February 2020, and have only ever met some of the team on Slack or Google Hangouts. A video call used to scare me, and it was something that I would avoid at all costs, but now I am the first to jump on a hangout, and that won’t change. Each week the team make time to get together, usually over a beverage of choice and just catch up and chat like we would do in the office and it works! Last Friday’s Tea @Three Hangout turned into a musical delight with Adam on the keyboard and James on his guitar and ukulele, and we all tried to sing Happy Birthday to Brad, who only joined last month, so thanks Brad for smiling throughout our jumbed well wishes due to poor internet, the thought was there though!

Engage is a healthcare technology company, and right now we are working hard to support NHS practices who are implementing video consultation during the Coronavirus pandemic. Today we had our first lunchtime yoga session, we agreed to give it a go, and hurrah it worked. It was a 30 minutes Zoom session for some much-needed headspace away from our screens to breathe and untangle the body. For those brave enough to give it a go, its good for mind, body and soul, which can only be a good thing at the moment.  I highly recommend grabing a mat and trying yoga with your work buddies.

Stay safe

Katie Stoner
Marketing Manager

Wellness yoga