Originally posted on January 22, 2021: We are delighted to announce that we are releasing an update to Engage Consult today which will allow patients to log in to Engage Consult using their NHS Login (click here for confirmation of our partnership status with NHS Login).  The main benefits of this are that:

  • Patients won’t need to create a separate account for Engage Consult.  This will make it easier for those patients that have an NHS Login to use Engage Consult.
  • NHS Login uses a robust verification process so practices can be confident that it’s definitely the patient’s account.
  • Practices won’t need to match or verify patients that use their NHS login to access Engage Consult, as this process has already been completed by the NHS.

When patients arrive at the Login page for Engage Consult there will be an extra option to use NHS Login.  All they need to do is to click on that button instead and provide their NHS Login and password.  If they already have an Engage Consult account it’ll link the two accounts; if they haven’t used Engage Consult a new account will be created and linked to their NHS Login details.

NHS App NHS Login available for patients using Engage Consult